Suzuki in Scotland
Gala Charity Concert in Perth
Another Trip to McDonalds!

by Jenny Macmillan

Ability Development, Autumn 1997

This seems to be the standard reward for Suzuki students after concerts. (I�m hoping to get some sponsorship from McDonalds for writing this!) It was amazing. It was 10.30 at night and still broad daylight (as it is in Scotland in June). We were two families with seven children between us aged from six to thirteen. Those of us in the first car casually pulled in at the famous drive-in take-away to find a school bus full of the choir who had just sung at our concert. Our hostess used her mobile phone to speak to her husband in the second car to say we were stopping off at McDonalds. As the two were talking over their mobiles, he pulled up alongside us in the McDonalds car park. We collected our chips and raced home, where the older children rushed out into the garden to eat them in the tent in which they intended to sleep the night.

The whole weekend was exciting, exhilarating, magical, unusual, welcoming and most worthwhile. Features included:

It took me a week to recover from the excitement of the weekend, but it was so valuable - we have very good memories of such a positive experience.

A reward for everyone�s hard work at their musical instruments is to be invited to play at a concert. The reward for playing in a concert is a trip to ....!

The concert was extremely well organised by Sound Foundations, and set a record by not only covering its costs, but also making a donation of over �1,000 to the Malcolm Sargent Cancer Fund for Children. Sound Foundations is a charitable trust, established to raise the profile of Suzuki in Scotland and to co-ordinate the major events there. It is run by Suzuki parents Timothy Laing, Donald Graham and Squibbs Noble, with Anne Turner as musical director. The trust aims to attract more teachers onto the training course, as there are currently only a dozen trained Suzuki teachers in Scotland. It is also able to offer bursaries to cover trainees� travelling expenses to the south when necessary. Since its establishment last year, the trust has managed to attract five new piano teachers, with the prospect of more to come. Sound Foundations is now preparing for the Scottish National Suzuki Concert in the Queen�s Hall in Edinburgh on Saturday 22 November 1997.